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Mociun is a fine jewelry brand known for one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces composed of rare and unusual diamonds and gemstones. All pieces are designed by founder Caitlin Mociun and handmade in New York by trusted jewelers.

A California native, Caitlin Mociun began traveling at the age of 12, spending six years living throughout Asia and Europe, with extended stays in Malaysia and Prague, before earning a BFA in textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design. In all aspects of her work, Caitlin is inspired by the design principles of the Bauhaus. The result is Mociun’s trademark: simple, unexpected elegance.

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Mociun jewelry is celebrated for its clean, geometric forms with a playful use of color. As the company’s only designer, I hand-select all of our materials, sketch designs and work closely with our production team and our New York City-based jewelers to bring every piece of Mociun jewelry to life.

We pride ourselves in our selective inventory of unique gemstones. We are committed to transparency and look to create meaningful dialogues with clients about responsible jewelry practices.

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We support treasure hunters on their search for the rare, the beautiful and the enduring.

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We offer a thoughtful edit of objects of enduring beauty to adorn your home. We continuously seek out the most special, expertly crafted pieces to add to our curated assortment, made by new and emerging artists as well as obscure brands that are rich with heritage.

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