Simone Bodmer-Turner Stav Vessel



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Ceramic vase

Brooklyn based artist, Simone Bodmer Turner, ethereal hand built works are inspired by ancient forms and the natural world

The Stav Vessel is Simone Bodmer-Turner's take on a pair of antique vessels found at a French flea market and marked with the name Stavros in the private collection of French designers and partners Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stephane Garotin. The two (Stav and Ros Vessels) are intended to sit together.


Measures approximately 15.5" long, 5.5" wide, 10" tall
White Vessel is made of cast white stoneware with creamy, semi-matte glaze
Black Vessel is made of cast white stoneware with black underglaze and slightly textured matte black glaze

Stav Vessel in black front facing
Stav Vessel in white front facing
Stav Vessel in black and white diagonally  front facing