Devotion Intaglio Seal Necklace

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Love Wheel

Glass intaglio seals – collected from an antique rotating wheel, engraved with sentimental messages, waiting to be reset into modern heirlooms.

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 Devotion Intaglio Seal on light color background.
Devotion Intaglio Seal on model.
 Devotion Intaglio Seal on light color background.
 Devotion Intaglio Seal on light color background.
Styled photo featuring Devotion Intaglio Seal

About the Collection

We were captivated by the beauty and mystery of this antique rotating wheel containing 16 doublets, each composed of an engraved glass intaglio bonded to glass with an layer of colored adhesive, likely used as wax seals

Because seals are used to make impressions, each intaglio is engraved with a design and inscription in reverse

We took them out of their original settings, carefully separated them, and now invite our customers to reimagine these intaglio seals as talismans imbued with new meaning


Item Details

Glass intaglio seal measures 20mm long, 15mm wide and 4mm deep

Engraved in mirror-image

Depicts a person kneeling with motto "A deux genoux"

French inscription roughly translates to "On two knees"

Set in 18k yellow gold bezel

2.4mm gold rolo chain measures 20" in length

Secured with lobster claw clasp

We proudly design all of our jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each piece is made here in New York City.