Our Ethos

We are a small company led and run by women who care deeply about the planet. Since the beginning, Mociun has endeavored to be a friend to the earth. From smarter stone sourcing–read more about our Gems here–to making our packaging plastic-free, we are committed to reducing our footprint and working toward our ideal: a zero waste model.

Plastic-Free Packaging

After a years-long process of vetting production partners (turns out our standards are pretty high) we are thrilled to offer plastic-free jewelry packaging. We loved the idea of plant-based packaging made of mushroom leathers and compostable fibers, but there was a catch. These options got the tree huggers in us excited, but none were available to produce in quantities that support a small business. We had to make a choice, and going plastic-free in our packaging was how we could affect the most impact. Less than one-tenth of the world’s single use plastic is actually recycled — the rest is piling up on our planet.

Even the shipping box containing our new packaging arrived free of plastic. The only exception is our new-and-improved jewelry cleaning cloth which is made with rPET microfiber, a type of post-consumer waste plastic that would otherwise be destined for oceans or landfills. Standard shopping bags are made from recycled paper, and we also offer reusable Baggus in classic Mociun prints. You’re always welcome to bring your own reusable bag when shopping at Mociun.

Mociun Lacquer Boxes

New for autumn 2023, our luxurious lacquer boxes accompany most one-of-a-kind pieces or can be purchased as an upgrade. They are made of medium density fiberboard, a composite of resin and recycled wood fibers, then hand-painted with colorful lacquer. The interiors are finished with Habotai silk and silk velvet, embellished with ‘throwback’ Bauhaus designs from our original store on Wythe Avenue. All hinge hardware on the boxes are made with metal instead of plastic. We hope you keep your Mociun lacquer boxes for years to come, as they can be reused again and again.

Standard Boxes

Printed paper boxes are complimentary with every jewelry purchase, made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. The interior is lined with organic cotton.

This is a work in progress, and we are always looking for better and more sustainable ways to operate. We’ll keep this page updated with our latest efforts.