Brass Foot Corkscrew

Brass Foot Corkscrew

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by Carl Auböck

The Werkstätte Carl Auböck is a fourth-generation workshop know for it's functional brass objects.

Details: Made and finished by hand in Austria. Due to the nature of the materials, slight markings and imperfections may occur. Variations are the result of the natural chemical reactions between patina and the raw brass material.
Ingredients & Materials: Polished brass, steel and rattan.
Measurements: This item measures 1.25" wide, 3.5" long, and 5" tall.
Care & Use: If pieces darken in a more golden tone, we advise the use of a metal polishing paste, available at hardware stores. Following the instructions of the product will keep all the brass surfaces perfectly shiny. Fingerprints should be removed regularly as sweat residue leaves longtime prints on polished brass. Fingerprints will be permanent and become deeper after time if not removed with a soft cloth immediately. Never use water on any Carl Auböck piece, it is an oxidant and darkens brass polish unevenly.
Sold individually.

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