Tulip Wine Glass Set

Tulip Wine Glass Set

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by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a product designer in New York City, whose work focuses on enhancing the enjoyment of everyday objects.

Details: The Bouquet Collection is a five-part stemware collection. With each glass’s bowl and brim fanning out like a flower head, the collection groups together like a bouquet of wildflowers – each shape specific to a particular type of drink. Taking cues from the simple bistro glass, the Tulip Wine Glass works with any color, gently blooming at the brim to facilitate the release of aromas.
Ingredients & Materials: Borosilicate glass.
Measurements: Each glass measures 2.25" in diameter, 6.75" tall, and holds 5 fl. oz.
Care & Use: Hand wash.
Sold as a set of 4.

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