Blue Glass Wall Clock

Blue Glass Wall Clock

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by Silje Lindrup

With glass as primary material, artist and glassblower Silje Lindrup creates objects in the borderland between arts and craft.

Details: Fully functional equipped with Quartz clock work. Each piece is handmade, variations in shape and form are to be expected.
Ingredients & Materials: Silvered hand-blown glass. Variations and markings on the mirrored surface are to be expected.
Measurements: This item measures approximately 7 to 8" wide, 8 to 9" long, and 1.5 - 2" thick.
Care & Use: Be careful not to scratch the coating inside of the clock. Set the time to 6 o'clock, spin the minute hand until the current time is displayed, then place the battery.
Sold individually.
This item is final sale.

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