Our team works with engagement rings, antique treasures, and family keepsakes, re-imagining them into modern heirlooms.

Heirloom Stones

We are happy to consider working with clients’ personal stones for sentimental reasons, but we ask that you leave the use of the stones up to our discretion when working on your piece.

We pride ourselves in our selective inventory of unique stones handpicked by our team. Because we're unable to ensure that they meet our standard of responsibility, we prefer not to work with any outside purchased stones for custom designs.


We also love giving new life to your current fine jewelry pieces! We're able to unmount your stones and work them into one of our designs, or help you create something all of your own. Our team works with engagement rings, antique treasures, single earrings who've lost their mate, family keepsakes, and everything in-between; reimagining them into modern heirlooms.

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