Mociun’s new collection, Unexpected Unions, intricately combines stones focusing on the elements of light refraction to shape and color, creating the unexpected elegance of our signature cluster designs. The collection consists of unique primary colored gemstone combinations such as Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, Yellow and Blue Sapphires, paired with Imperial Topaz, Aquamarine, Champagne, Black and White Diamonds.

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Custom Design

Your style and beauty in a custom piece.
You’ll work with designer Caitlin Mociun to create the next legacy item of your generational style.

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Legacy Transformation

We specialize in incorporating special gems or family jewels, imbuing memories in an elegant temple of beauty. Use your antique stone in a modern, personalized piece of jewelry.

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Designer Spotlight

Eleanor Boström

Swedish artist, Eleanor Boström creates clever dog sculptures with function. Her charming, one of a kind porcelain pieces are available in chopstick rests, tea cups, bowls and vases.

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Mociun’s unique, curated collection of home goods and objet d’art feature handmade ceramics and textiles from our favorite designers.

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