Browse carefully curated home goods brought to you by MOCIUN. Our selection features new arrivals from Pauline Wolfstencroft, Eleonor Boström and Lindsey Hampton.

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Custom Design

Your style and beauty in a custom piece.
You’ll work with designer Caitlin Mociun to create the next legacy item of your generational style.

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Legacy Transformation

We specialize in incorporating special gems or family jewels, imbuing memories in an elegant temple of beauty. Use your antique stone in a modern, personalized piece of jewelry.

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Jewelry Atelier

Mociun White

Give the gift you know they'll love or design your own registry with fine ceramics made by Robert Blue, Eric Bonnin, Susan Sullivan and many more.

MOCIUN WHITE also features one of a kind jewelry. Click here to schedule an in person viewing with our knowledgable experts.

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