Regime des Fleurs Eau de Parfum

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Drawn from the sublime drama of the botanical world

Los Angeles perfumer, Regime des Fleurs, is known for their unique take on luxury fragrance. From vivid packaging to evocative scents, their heavily researched, high-concept collections draw inspiration from nature, history, and art.

Falling Trees: Fresh. Smoldering. Majestic. Elemi essential oil, juniper essential oil, olibanum absolute, myrrh resin, treemoss absolute, cypriol essential oil, benzoin resin, oak.
Glass Blooms: Satin. Confectionery. Fragile. Riesling grape, muguet, tea rose, peony, ylang ylang Nossi-bé, sandalwood, tonka bean absolute, ambrette and musk.
Gold Leaves: Opulent. Tonic. Heady. Laurel leaves, cedrat, cardamom essential oil, fleurs de lys, pittosporum flowers, iris, white cedarwood essential oil, oakmoss, cypriol, fossilized amber.
100 ml.

Eau de Parfum in Falling Trees
Eau de Parfum in Glass Blooms
Eau de Parfum in Gold Leaves