Akhob Ring

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Bezel set sapphire cabochon line cluster ring

Akhob: a word from Egypt's Amarna period that means “pure water,”. Inspired by the Light and Space art movement of the 1960’s, this one-of-a-kind piece was designed to showcase the unique beauty of its materials. Because of the scarcity of these stones, we only made one. 

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Akhob Ring front view
Akhob Ring right view
Above Between Below Ring LEFT VIEW
Akhob Ring worn on model
Akhob Ring

Item Details

Round, burnt orange, Umba sapphire cabochon weighs 0.20 ct. 

Round, burnt orange, Sri Lankan sapphire cabochon weighs 1.23 ct. 

Oval, bicolor gray/orange, Sri Lankan sapphire cabochon weighs 1.11 ct. 

Round, burnt orange, Sri Lankan sapphire cabochon weighs 0.81 ct. 

All stones are natural and unheated

Stones are secured in bezel setting

Round wire shank measures 1.7mm

Set in 18k yellow gold

We proudly design all of our jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each piece is made to order in New York City.