Simone Bodmer-Turner Bridge Handled Vessel

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by Simone Bodmer-Turner

Brooklyn based artist, Simone Bodmer Turner, ethereal hand built works are inspired by ancient forms and the natural world.

Details: The Bridge Handled Vessel is inspired by the bulbous belly and connecting arch that is commonly found in Pre-Columbian and Etruscan water vessels to act as a handle for easy carrying. This 3rd iteration is perfect for small stems or as an object in itself.
Ingredients & Materials: Cast white stoneware, black underglaze, slightly textured matte glaze.
Measurements: This item measures 20" tall, 10" wide and 3.5" long.
Care & Use: Gently clean with water.
Sold individually.

 Simone Bodmer-Turner Bridge Handled Vessel on light color background.