Core Vessel

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by Willem van Hooff

Willem van Hooff is a craftsman based in Eindhoven, Netherands who often revisits old or existing products, machines and techniques with a naive perspective.

Details: Core is a series of flat vessels inspired by prehistoric African building techniques. Willem has been fascinated by vessels, because they have such a clear and easy function, hold and transport water. It also was a canvas for humanity to express themselves. In ancient times, every tribe had their own specific shape in vessels. In a research of expressing himself through a new material, he found a challenge by developing a new form language. Because in Willems opinion, a lot of design is missing this freedom of expressing nowadays. Handmade in Eindhoven, Netherlands. If filled with water, place a dish or plate underneath the vessel.
Ingredients & Materials: Ceramic, earthenware, glaze and pigments.
Measurements: Each XS Core Vessel measures approximately 5" long, 3" wide, and 7" tall.
Care & Use: Hand wash only. Do not put outside.
Sold individually.

 XS Core Vessels on light color background.
Core Vessel - Extra Small
 XS Core Vessels on light color background.
 XS Core Vessels on light color background.