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Swoop Vase

Swoop Vase

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by Morgan Peck

Morgan Peck is a ceramicist living in Los Angeles. Morgan makes each piece, individually by hand without the use of molds, in her backyard studio with a modest, considered, and decidedly modern touch.

Details: Handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Due to the nature of the organic designs and hand made production, please expect to see marks of craftsmanship and slight variations within each piece. Watertight and ready for flowers.
Ingredients & Materials: Glazed stoneware. The Pearl has a gloss finish and the Mauve has a matte finish.
Measurements: This item measures approximately 10.5" in diameter at the base, 3" in diameter at the neck, and 12.5" tall.
Care & Use: Gently clean with water.
Sold individually.

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